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Nankang Tyres Recognized as “Taiwan Excellence”

January, 16, 2012, Taipei, TaiwanNankang Rubber Tyre won “Taiwan Excellence award 2012 ” for its eco tyre ECO-1, new era PCR NS-20, off- road FT-9, 3D sipe winter tire SV-2, asymmetrical winter tire ESSN-1, and MCR Roadiac from 1,145 competitive products. Nankang is also the biggest winner with six products of tyre category.

Underscoring Taiwan’s advancement towards world-class standards in terms of product innovation, design, marketing and quality, “Taiwan Excellence” has been the highest accolade given to products encompassing the “innovalue” spirit since 1992. The award not only praises revolutionary design, outstanding quality and excellent value but also epitomizes the unique talents that create innovative designs and manufacturing process of leading-edge products.

Nankang as a tyre company has always focused on meeting our customers’ driving needs, and used innovative technologies to achieve high-performance and cost-effective purpose that deliver better safety, efficiency, and green living for drivers. And “Taiwan Excellence Award 2012 is an excellent symbol for our company to show our superior quality in global market. Nankang marketing manager said.

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