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Free Your Way – A Global Leader with Footprints Around the World
A Smooth Ride All Over the World
It is Nankang Tyre’s future intention to have a smooth ride (“free her way”) towards world stage. For 50 years, the company has been continously moving forward under her principles of “integrity, pragmacism and innovation”, allowing her to shine on the world stage. In the future, with extraordinary product quality. Nankang’s products will certinly have a “smooth ride” in markets all over the world. Carefree Access

With the superior quality, Nangkang tires have been popularly sold worldwide. Nankang always put driving experience and safety in the first place when it comes to production. In the future with our over-improving quality, our goal is to provide the drivers in the world with the safest and smoothest driving experince and hence to feel our corporate “free your way” spirit. Brand Story

A ‘Brand’ New Chapter, Backed by 50 Years of Excellence
Nankang Tyre's corporate logo has been used for more than a cup of decades. Facing the increasingly competitive global marketplace, we are charging forward with a new Corporate Identity System (CIS). The new CIS will serve as critical guidelines for global brand management, and more importantly as the foundation to fresh brand image of Nankang which marks the beginning of another resplendent chapter!   

Better Road Safety, Backed by 50 Years of Hard Work
Striving for the highest quality and most durable tyres, we have been working diligently toward continuous improvements on R&D and manufacturing.
Founded in1959, Nankang is the first tyre brand in Taiwan, and has never stopped reinventing itself while staying focused on the values of ‘Integrity, Practicality, Innovation’. Aiming to be a top tyre producer world-wide, our mission is to deliver safer and more innovative products through increased efforts in R&D innovation, product differentiation and refinement, customer service, and professional business management.

Worldwide Recognition and Awards, Backed by 50 Years of Dedicated R&D
50 years of dedicated efforts in engineering techniques and quality control have enabled us to deliver international award-winning products that are both innovative and durable. Encouraged by these awards and recognition, we will continue paving the way for excellence and better road safety.


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