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Nankang Information

Nankang Rubber Tire Corp. is one of the leading tire manufacturers in Taiwan. With 50+ years of tire research and development, Nankang has vast experience and expertise in production, marketing and tire management, including passenger car, SUV tire, 4x4 and winter tire with SUV, studdable and VAN. The products have been distributed in more than 100 countries all over the world and approved by ISO, GCC, E-mark, S-mark, PAH, and DOT.


Nankang was awarded “Top 100 Taiwan brand” by Taiwan government which selected 100 of the country’s most outstanding brands from all industries and fields in Taiwan, such as HTC, Asus, Acer, Trend Micro, Kymco and GIANT. The accreditation of Top 100 Taiwan brands recognized Nankang for its dedication to produce the highest quality products to serve over 100 countries worldwide and highly commendation by customers and industrial players in Taiwan and all over the globe. They also admired Nankang aspires to remain at the forefront in technology and quality, bringing today’s and future transportation to a higher level on the aspects of safety, comfort, and assurance.


Nankang won “Taiwan Excellence award 2012 ” for its eco tire ECO-1, new era PCR NS-20, off- road FT-9, 3D sipe winter tire SV-2, asymmetrical winter tire ESSN-1, and MCR Roadiac from 1,145 competitive products. Nankang is also the biggest winner with six products of tire category.

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